Karahime: you
Karahime: where is my stuff
Karahime: youuuuu
Karahime: I saw Aldebaran today
Karahime: it was unexpectedly briiiiight
Karahime: also a little puss
Karahime: he was so so so sweet
Karahime: happy april's fool
Karahime: though I don't really bother with it
Karahime: guess many had fun pulling out pranks on ya hah
Karahime: dude why cancer could be just that naive
Karahime: Tell a Cancer astrologer that there is actually the 13th Zodiac
*censored*'s status is now "Idle". (4/2/2012 12:06 AM)

Karahime: she would panick senselessly
Karahime: Don't 'Idle' me dude
Karahime: that's so not nice
Karahime: I'm talking to ya from thousands of miles away
Karahime: why are we all living in the same world
Karahime: and yet our voices can never reach
Karahime: what a sad place
Karahime: I wish you would go to heaven
Karahime: apples there must be nice
Karahime: do you like apples anyway?
Karahime: sorry, else I should have said banana
Karahime: but wait, do you actually like bananas?
Karahime: fiiiilthyyyy
Karahime: Just in case my messages didn't reach you
Karahime: I'm sending them again

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